Version released

  • Added keyboard support for menus
  • Added esc icon to main menu, labeled esc button and back button 
  • Changed some fonts 
  • Registered Game Maker 8, removed banner ad from splash screen 
  • Updated credits and license information 
  • Fixed bug where label for normal difficulty displayed before the player mouses over it 
  • Made the help window look a bit nicer 
  • Added hotkey to toggle sound effects (no sound version now unnecessary)

Mouse no longer required! Just press the highlighted key on the menus to select that option. You can toggle sound effects on or off with F3. Unfortunately, you have to do this every time the game starts and there's no real indicator that the option has changed. Plan to change this in the next release. Since music and sound effects can now be toggled independently, the no sound version is no longer available.


Golf Defense Force Manual 5 kB
Nov 09, 2018
Golf Defense Force 10 MB
Nov 09, 2018

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